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When you want a wood, wrought iron, or chain link fence that stands out from the crowd, it’s time for Wilco Construction LLC. Our fences are built to last and we’ll use only the best materials to ensure your fence is both attractive and highly functional.

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Fencing solutions for any Puget Sound Area property.

From the very start, Wilco Construction LLC has had a single mission – the best possible fence craftsmanship at a price our local Puget Sound Area neighbors can afford. Keeping that in mind on every fence installation we do, we’re proud to have assisted countless home and business clients with durable, attractive fences of all styles.

What sets us apart is not only our impressive experience with wood, wrought iron, aluminum, PVC, and many other fencing types, but also our customer service. With Wilco Construction LLC, you know that your Puget Sound Area fence will be perfect – anything less is simply not good enough.

We don’t only build fences – we build relationships. Call Wilco Construction LLC in Puget Sound Area at 253-348-0236.

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A Fence for Every Occasion

Our team of fence installation experts is ready to assist with your project. Take a look at the different fence services we offer and give us a call for more information or to schedule a visit.

In Puget Sound Area, having a fence around your home just makes sense. Whether it’s for privacy, liability, protection, or any other reason, investing in a quality fence has many benefits. Wilco Construction LLC specializes in home fence installations using a wide range of materials, styles, and construction techniques. We’ll help you find the fence you want at a price you can afford.

From wood to chain link to wrought iron to PVC, the first question for your residential Puget Sound Area fence is what material to use. Each offers a different set of advantages depending on what you want the fence to achieve and Wilco Construction LLC has an impressive selection for each type. With access to many fencing distributors, there’s no wait for your fencing project to start.

With a team of installation experts on staff, your Puget Sound Area fence will be up in a timely and efficient manner. We’ll first survey your home on an initial visit and then schedule the right time for the actual installation job. You can choose to either be present during the fence construction or let Wilco Construction LLC handle all the details and simply come home when your new fence is ready.

A single phone call will set your Puget Sound Area fence installation in motion. Call Wilco Construction LLC at 253-348-0236 and let’s get started!

You’ve invested in your Puget Sound Area business, so it’s only natural to protect that investment. At Wilco Construction LLC, we’re proud to offer fences of all types to add another layer of security to your inventory or commercial location. During a no-obligation visit, we’ll assist in determining which type of fencing would work best for your commercial property and the best installation options.

Wilco Construction LLC is a full-service fence provider, which means that we’re able to custom craft the fencing solution your Puget Sound Area commercial space needs, from barbed wire and razor ribbon to keep intruders out to electric and wheeled gates for easy entry. Your new fence will not only protect your assets but also can improve your business’s appearance to visitors.

No commercial space is too big or too small for a fencing solution by Wilco Construction LLC. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in the local Puget Sound Area area and are able to assist with everything from your fence design ideas to product sourcing and installation as needed. In addition, we’ll add suggestions like bumper posts to improve your fence’s durability.

Don’t leave your Puget Sound Area business unprotected another day. Dial 253-348-0236 and speak to a Wilco Construction LLC representative about our commercial fence services.

Timeless and classic, nothing says home in Puget Sound Area quite like a wooden fence. However, your choice of fence installation companies will likely determine how long your fence’s function and appearance last. At Wilco Construction LLC, we only use the highest quality of wood for your budget and take extra measures to protect your fence for years to come.

While most people are familiar with the well-known picket fences in Puget Sound Area, the truth is that there are a number of other types of wooden fences as well. In addition to picket, Wilco Construction LLC’s talented fencing experts can also construct split-rail, post-and-rail, stockade, and lattice fencing using high quality wood.

The right type of wooden fence depends largely on what you want your Puget Sound Area fence to do. If simply defining a border is the goal, then a split-rail or post-and-rail fence with their long horizontal rails and vertical posts are the most cost-effective solutions. Conversely, a stockade fence would add more privacy and a lattice fence would be the best for gardens or decoration.

When you’re ready for a wooden fence in Puget Sound Area, give Wilco Construction LLC a call. Just dial 253-348-0236 and we’ll discuss your many wood options.

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